Awesome Testers You Should Keep Your Eye on Always

In 2017 - 2018, a working party within WiT community collected together two lists of awesome testers. A third list was created independently with focus on awesome testers of South America. This website draws on and continues that work. More awesome testers are discovered every day.

Tester awesomeness is global, and we are just getting started on recognizing it. This list is a celebration of awesome testers that lead the way into the future of our industry and you should definitely keep your eye on!

As always, lists are not comprehensive, but we put our best effort into making this list of the awesome people we look up to & learn from and expect that you can find nuggets of wisdom following their work. Welcome to Awesome Testers You Should Keep Your Eye on Always!

* Note: As lists always do, this represents the limited view of its authors. There are more amazing testers that either we forgot at time of making this list or have not yet had the pleasure of realizing they exist. The hard prioritization for a growing list has been made with the criteria of really brilliant, impactful people that first came to mind that deserve to be on this list of awesome testers.